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What is Microsoft FsLogix And How To Use It ?

FsLogix is software that will allow you to simplify the software management of a desktop virtualization environment. This software is an agent that will allow you to limit the number of masters in your infrastructure and easily manage the applications.
This software will also allow you to improve the opening performance of your profiles and the use of Office 365 with the use of externalized containers on an internal or external cache server in a cloud. In our video below, we have discussed about Profile Containers for User Profiles and Office365 applications and how to configure them in VDI environments.

Requirements :

Further Details are in my video below:

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Biju Chacko
Biju Chacko
Jul 31, 2020

Nice one.


Aravind Leo
Aravind Leo
Jul 30, 2020

Looks Great

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