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Set up devices with required apps and settings using default jobs and policies using 42 Gears. Provision with Wi-Fi, email, and VPN settings. MDM tool for Information Security Services across your company.

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Why 42Gears?

SureMDM, powered by 42Gears UEM, is an intuitive and powerful Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) tool for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms. You can secure, monitor, and manage company-owned devices for dedicated use as well as employee-owned devices used to access company data (BYOD). SureMDM incorporates all aspects of enterprise mobility through unified endpoint management, including Mobile Application Management, Mobile Device Management, and Mobile Content Management.



Device Enrollment

Enroll devices in seconds with QR code scanning. Perform bulk enrollment securely using Active Directory authentication.

Device Grouping

Group devices based on geographic location, business function or any other criteria. Tag devices for easy classification and filtering.

Monitor devices remotely. Set up battery and connectivity alert notifications.

Device Health Monitoring

Decryption and Decoding


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