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Application Delivery Controller & Advanced Load Balancer

Offering a complete application solution, A10 Thunder® ADC (Application Delivery Controller) ensures server availability, protects vulnerable applications and accelerates content delivery.

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What Does A10 Do?

A10 provide secure, scalable application services for on-premises, cloud, and edge-cloud environments to deliver better business outcomes that support investment protection, new business models, and help future-proof infrastructures.​​

  • Take control of multi-cloud complexity and security​

  • Simplify and automate application management

  • Prepare for 5G​

  • Gain insight into application performance by using A10’s connected intelligence

adc - loadbalancer-02.png

Why A10?

Achieve Application Delivery ROI

56% of customers saw ROI in 12 months, 86% in 24 months

Automate DDoS Protection with AI

Better security & 3x density, performance & capacity

57% of customers improved security, 43% reduced costs

Reduce SSL/TLS Decryption Web Threat Liability

Decryption and Decoding


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