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Patch management solution with DNS Security

We have two solutions for your WFH team. From a unified interface, you can now safeguard your remote users by eliminating risks associated with outdated operating systems and enterprise applications, which is essential for business safety; and an efficient endpoints based (also perimeter-based) DNS security solution that can work with  existing EDR Solutions

Heimdal's Automated Patch Management solution


What does Heimdal's Automated Patch Management solution?

Heimdal's Automated Patch Management solution will automatically install updates based on your configured policies, without the need for manual input.
As soon as 3rd party vendors release new patches, our technology silently deploys them to your endpoints, without the need for reboots or user interruption.

Heimdal Patch mgmt

Features of Heimdal's Patch Management

Remotely install Windows and 3rd party application updates and manage your software inventory 

Secure your employees’ endpoints with our scalable, flexible, and intuitive tool, which allows you to cover both Windows and 3rd party software patch deployment.

Simultaneously, Heimdal™ Patch & Asset Management allows you to view and manage your software inventory and achieve preemptive vulnerability management, all within a single interface.

Powerful reporting, vulnerability overview, and intelligence

Gain an extensive vulnerability intelligence on your patched software and the current liabilities in your environment. This enables you to assess the need to intervene on certain endpoints if a risk persists for too long.

Our patching and reporting work anywhere in the world and extensive lifetime history reporting is available through Excel spreadsheets reporting or API.

Heimdal's DNS Security and Advanced Traffic Threat Hunting

Heimdal DNS Security

Why does your organization need DNS and DoH filtering?

Cyber threats like phishing, exploit kits, zero-days, and Man-in-the-Middle attacks have become unavoidable for organizations of all sizes. Nowadays, it’s only a matter of if, not when your business will be targeted.

As the attack techniques employed by malicious hackers are evolving, our security countermeasures must also keep up. It’s already widely known that standard solutions like traditional Antivirus and Firewalls are failing in terms of effectiveness against next-gen attacks and threats.


Features of Heimdal's DNS Security

View your protection from a more secure angle with DNS Security

Upgrade your protection to the upper tier of multi-layered security with DNS filtering.

DarkLayer GUARD™ works alongside VectorN Detection™ to enhance the DNS traffic-filtering process with Machine Learning-based behavioral analysis and detection.

The power lies in the Machine Learning-driven intelligence

Both versions of DarkLayer Guard™ have been built with the same purpose: to go beyond flawless DNS filtering. We’ve achieved this state by also leveraging the intelligence offered by the VectorN Detection™ engine, which analyzes traffic and behavioral patterns using machine-learning algorithms specifically trained for threat hunting.

Decryption and Decoding


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