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Always On. Never Seen.

Securing the modern enterprise means protecting a complex web of workloads consisting of hardware, applications, and data spread across edge, core, remote workforce, and cloud deployments. 

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Why ExtraHop

Stopping a breach requires knowing exactly what you're up against. ExtraHop Reveal(x) is the only solution that shows you not just where intruders are going, but where they've been. Built for enterprise scale yet delivered as easy-to-use SaaS, Reveal(x) provides complete visibility across cloud, datacenter, and IoT - even when traffic is encrypted. Powered by cloud-based AI, Reveal(x) finds threats in real time, while powerful investigation and forensics capabilities allow you to respond 84% faster.



Hybrid Cloud Security

Access and analyze all cloud-based transactions using the same interface as on-prem infrastructure.

Inventory and Configurations

Automatically discover and classify all cloud assets, track rogue instances, and flag exposed resources.

Keep detections in tune with your unique policies with easily customizable alerts and dynamic activity groups.

Hygiene and Compliance

Decrypt all SSL/TLS-encrypted traffic and decode 70+ enterprise protocols for comprehensive risk management.

Identity and Access Management

Analyze Active Directory payloads to automatically flag indicators of credential harvesting and brute force attacks.

Cloud-Native Integrations

Automate security settings and limit tool sprawl by integrating with AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch and VPC Flow Logs, orchestration systems, and more.

Decryption and Decoding


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