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Cisco Meraki
Deliver cloud-managed IT
a connected campus.

Modernized IT and enhanced student experiences—a connected campus for all.

The connected campus is always on and available to anyone—anywhere. It’s flexible, easily adapts to change, and depends on a reliable, fast network infrastructure.

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How Does Meraki help campus?

With standards like Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E, your institution adds more lanes to the internet highway, increases the speed limit upstream and downstream, and removes many of the congestion, density, and security roadblocks that often hinder a truly connected campus.

The connected campus is flexible, easily adapts to change, and depends on a reliable, fast network infrastructure that’s available anywhere, any time, to anyone. Professors, visitors, staff, and students view dependable, speedy Wi-Fi access as a must-have.

The latest generations of Wi-Fi feature new capabilities specifically designed to support the best in connected devices, wearables, virtual and augmented reality, AI and ML, and analytics.


Features of Meraki Connected Campus


 Post-secondary institutions are expanding and enriching learning experiences with AR and VR, which have become more accessible since prices have dropped significantly. Wi-Fi 6 and subsequent protocols deliver the low latency necessary for today’s rich online learning experiences and give students the speed and performance they need


 With extended use of cloud-managed networked IoT, campuses save energy with automated lighting and equipment controls, enhance safety using smart cameras, and monitor and protect high-value assets with sensors. Thanks to a longer battery life than prior models, connectivity based on Wi-Fi 6 and beyond helps create increased student engagement via connected campus and collaboration solutions

Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E include mandated support for WPA3 security, which empowers colleges and universities to increase the use of physical security technologies like cameras or smart access controls. With the higher-bandwidth capabilities this standard delivers, improved video quality and analytics help make schools a safer place for students, staff, and educators. Now, you can meet the dual demands of increased cybersecurity risks and smaller or stagnant budgets with solutions that do more.

Previous Wi-Fi standards were unable to provide the increased bandwidth needs of video calls, cloud applications, and all the devices brought to campuses today. With Wi-Fi 6 and beyond, busy areas like arenas, lecture halls, dining rooms, libraries, and outside spaces can easily manage all users’ upstream and downstream demands. 




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