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ADC / Load Balancer

Discover a better way to meet the needs of the modern workforce

High-performance advanced load balancing solution that enables your applications to be highly available, accelerated, and secure.

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What is ADC load balancer?

An application delivery controller (ADC) is primarily a load balancer that manages
traffic flow to servers. ADCs help optimize end-user performance and application
deployment. An ADC uses techniques like application classification, compression
and reverse caching to improve acceleration of business applications.

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ADC appliances

Citrix ADC is an application delivery controller (ADC) that accelerates application performance, enhances application availability with advanced L4-7 load balancing, secures mission-critical apps from attacks and lowers server expenses by offloading computationally intensive tasks.



The Barracuda Load Balancer ADC is ideal for organizations looking for a high-performance, yet cost-effective application delivery and security solution.


Application Delivery Controller & Advanced Load Balancer

Offering a complete application solution, A10 Thunder® ADC (Application Delivery Controller) ensures server availability, protects vulnerable applications and accelerates content delivery.


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