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Cloud Collaboration

Online Real time Collaboration with your team

Cloud collaboration is a way of sharing and co-authoring computer files through the use of cloud computing, whereby documents are uploaded to a central "cloud" for storage, where they can then be accessed by others

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What is Cloud Collaboration?

Cloud collaboration is a type of enterprise collaboration that allows employees to work together on documents and other data types, which are stored off-premises and outside of the company firewall. Employees use a cloud-based collaboration platform to share, edit and work together on projects. Cloud collaboration enables two or more people to work on a project at once.

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Microsoft Teams

Virtual collab tool

Microsoft Teams is for everyone

  • Instantly go from group chat to video call with the touch of a button.

  • Securely connect, access, share, and coauthor files in real time.

  • Stay organized by keeping notes, documents, and your calendar together.


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