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Network Resilience

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The importance of network resilience is continuously increasing, as networks are becoming a fundamental component in the operation of critical infrastructures. Consequently, recent efforts focus on interpreting and improving network and computing resilience with applications to critical infrastructures

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What is network resilience?

In computer networking, resilience is the ability to provide and maintain an acceptable level of service in the face of faults and challenges to normal operation. Threats and challenges for services can range from simple misconfiguration over large scale natural disasters to targeted attacks. As such, network resilience touches a very wide range of topics. In order to increase the resilience of a given network, the probable challenges and risks have to be identified and appropriate resilience metrics have to be defined for the service to be protected.


Network Resilience Platform

Opengear’s Network Resilience Platform provides a separate, secure management plane based on the presence and proximity of a Smart Out-of-Band or NetOps Console Server at every IT location, centrally orchestrated through the Lighthouse Centralized Management Software – it is the Network For Network Engineers


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