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NetOps for your Network

Network Resilience starts with an always-available, independent management plane for everyday use and Opengear Solutions provide that.

Our team can help with more details and guide you to select the apt solution

What Does Opengear Do?

Opengear’s Network Resilience Platform provides a separate, secure management plane based on the presence and proximity of a Smart Out-of-Band or NetOps Console Server at every IT location, centrally orchestrated through the Lighthouse Centralized Management Software – it is the Network For Network Engineers:

  • Facilitates network provisioning, configuration, management & remediation

  • Allows you to lock down features in the production network

  • Restricts access to only the core network team

  • Automates repetitive processes & supports NetOps automation


Smart out-of-band

Smart out-of-band

Intelligent management & fixing of vulnerabilities in network devices

Thanks to the high scalability of Smart OOB, the infrastructure of hundreds of locations and thousands of devices can be managed, thus ensuring business continuity at the hardware level. This approach enables a wide variety of automatic responses and repairs, so companies can identify errors before they lead to system failures. The extended troubleshooting and troubleshooting at the edge of the network reduces operating costs and minimizes downtimes – all from a central management platform

So what makes Opengear’s out-of-band so smart? It can:

  • Detect and fix problems automatically

  • Failover to Cellular TM via 4G-LTE to keep the WAN functional even during a network failure

  • Send automated alerts via email or SMS to inform you of network problems

  • Identify any problems or unusual activity related to temperature conditions, door position of server racks, and network availability

If you’re ready to have a Network solution that enables secure remote access for Day One Provisioning, Everyday Device Management and when an outage occurs, Opengear can help.


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