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Endpoint Security

Empowering the modern endpoint

Digital transformation provides the promise of growth. Digital transformation powered by a secure endpoint ensures organizations grow safely.

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What Does Malwarebytes Do?

Enter Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection, a complete malware protection and remediation solution with predictive threat detection, proactive threat blocking, and integrated end-to-end protection. Driven from the cloud through a single pane of glass, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection provides flexible management and speed for organizations of all sizes.

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Features of Intermapper Network Monitoring Software

Agent architected for performance

Many endpoint security platforms stuff endpoints with an ever-increasing store of malware signatures and slow performance with brute-force scanning algorithms. In contrast, Malwarebytes uses a single, low footprint agent that quickly pinpoints and blocks malicious code from running without impacting device performance

Comprehensive web protection

Our web protection technology proactively prevents users from accessing malicious sites, malvertising, scammer networks, and suspect URLs, as well as downloading potentially unwanted programs and potentially unwanted modifications.

Hardened devices and apps

Malwarebytes hardens your devices by blocking exploits, stopping remote code execution, and breaking communication with hostile malware servers to dramatically reduce your organization’s attack surface

Scalable to the largest enterprise

Our solution applies the power of the cloud to scale to even the largest organization’s needs, efficiently detecting advanced threats, and providing a globally consistent and speedy response

Our behaviour-based analysis provides near realtime identification of behavior that is undeniably hostile and automatically blocks the threat, delivering the most proactive protection on the market today.

Malwarebytes applies signatureless payload analysis and anomaly detection to proactively identify and block malware attempting to exploit hidden vulnerabilities in your organization’s operating systems and applications.

Behavioral-based blocking

Zero-day prevention


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