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Stay ahead of IT infrastructure issues

Map and monitor your entire distributed IT environment with powerful, user-friendly software

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What Does Intermapper Do?

Map Your Network

Intermapper's network monitoring software helps you create a network map, giving you a live view of what's happening on your network. Colour-coded statuses tell you what's up and what's down. A variety of map layout options and icon choices help bring your unique IT environment to life. 

Maximize Uptime

When there's trouble, Intermapper sends you real-time alerts via text, email, sound, and more. You'll be able to find and fix technology issues before users or customers are impacted.

Troubleshoot Issues Faster

Spot problems across your distributed environment in seconds (not hours). You and your IT team will save time, reduce frustration, and keep customers and users happy.


Features of Intermapper Network Monitoring Software

Automatic network mapping

Automatically discover and document every IP-enabled device in your network within minutes with network mapping software from Intermapper. Customize the look of your map with hundreds of icons and background options. 

Plus, users can export maps to Microsoft Visio and .SVG format.

Proactive network monitoring

Intermapper monitors all your devices, interfaces, servers, and applications 24/7 by using SNMP and other protocols to continuously poll their current status. As your network map updates in real time, color-coded icons give you an at-a-glance view for easy network performance monitoring.

Robust network management

Analyze reports, manage condition acknowledgements, and update alert settings to ensure optimal network health. With Intermapper's network management tools, IT professionals can manage the network from an intuitive interface and quickly access the data you need to solve issues and make decisions. Manage your network from whatever platform you choose, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Smart alerting

Don’t ever miss a critical network event. Flexible notifications alert your team when performance thresholds have been exceeded. Choose from a variety of alert options, including sounds, emails, text messages, and more. Customize the schedule, assign to a specific group, and set up escalation to ensure a response.

As your network grows, Intermapper helps you analyze trends and maintain a healthy network both now and in the future. Review historic metrics, strip charts, and reports to help maximize capacity planning efforts so your network infrastructure is sure to support traffic levels of any size.

Intermapper now integrates with HelpSystems Insite. See a more holistic view of your network with dashboards to view your Intermapper server and device matrix all in one spot. And take your network monitoring on the go thanks to the mobile-friendly interface that works on your preferred device. 

Network capacity planning

Informative dashboard views


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