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BACKUP Solutions

Simply put, data is vulnerable

To Ensure data availability for all workloads across cloud and on-prem environments, the question to ask yourself is, if your business can continue to operate at its required level without access to file data?

The answer is with enterprise backup software.

Our team can help with more details and guide you to select the apt solution

Why Backup?

Business data can be lost due to a wide variety of reasons including:

  • Human error

  • Machine error

  • Viruses

  • Natural disasters

  • Hacking

You can never know at what moment your data may be at risk. In fact, 2020 was a record year for data breaches. Without a rock-solid backup plan, you may be facing a situation that can’t be recovered.


It’s time to make the move before it’s too late.

Backup Solution

Backup & Replication

NAKIVO Backup & Replication offers an integrated approach to data protection, ensuring that your critical data and applications are safe. NAKIVO Backup & Replication includes an advanced disaster recovery functionality that allows you to automate and orchestrate DR activities across multiple sites. 


Backup as a Service (BaaS)

From the minds of Commvault—ten times a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant—Metallic is a SaaS portfolio for enterprise-grade backup and recovery, designed to protect your data from corruption, deletion, ransomware, and any other threat out there.


Data Protection

The leader in Backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management. Veeam® Cloud Data Management Platform enables any organization to achieve unparalleled modern data protection through data resiliency, trust, and dexterity across data centers, at the edge, and in the cloud.


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