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What Does Ekran PAM Do?

With Ekran System’s privileged access management (PAM) capabilities, you'll have the power to:

  • Secure remote access to critical endpoints

  • Get full visibility over all privileged accounts

  • Granularly control access requests and permissions

  • Monitor and audit activity of privileged users

  • Ensure compliance


Features of Intermapper Network Monitoring Software

Ekran System’s PAM capabilities were built according to NIST recommendations. You can use them to ensure secure remote access to critical endpoints by managing RDP sessions initiated on your jump servers.

Password management

Forget about having to deploy extra privileged password management software. Ekran System includes a sophisticated privileged password management solution with all the capabilities you need to properly handle and protect your secrets

Privileged access and session management via a jump box

Access request and approval workflow

Minimize cybersecurity risks and control the number of simultaneously active accounts with Ekran System’s just-in-time PAM capabilities

Multi-factor authentication

Strengthen the protection of your critical assets with Ekran System’s two-factor authentication (2FA) tool. This tool is part of our rich set of identity and access management features.

Monitoring is an essential part of privileged account management. With Ekran System, you can continuously monitor, record, and audit all privileged sessions on endpoints.

Enable proactive privileged activity monitoring with the help of Ekran System’s actionable alert system.

Continuously monitor all privileged accounts

Real-time alerts and incident response


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