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Vicarius vRx

Discover, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities all from a single, intuitive platform

All-in-one vulnerability assessment and remediation solution. Stop simply scanning and start taking action with vRx

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What Does Vicarius vRx Do?

vRx is an all-in-one vulnerability assessment and remediation solution, allowing you to mature your vulnerability management posture while prioritizing the threats that matter most to your unique business environment. Stop simply scanning and start taking action with vRx.


Features of Vicarius vRx Vulnerability Management Software

Network Scanning

vRx provides instant visibility into your network leveraging our free Nmap integration, allowing you to illuminate your network assets and turning the scan results into a visualized dashboard.

Asset Inventory

Accurate knowledge of your digital footprint is key for effective security control. Take control with vRx’s real-time asset visibility with an exhaustive catalog of active servers and workstations.

Threat Analysis

vRx's Asset Risk Analysis ranks the vulnerabilities of any deployed asset in your organization, scoring them based on their level of analyzed risk and exposure, specific to your unique environment.

Contextual Prioritization

There’s more to vulnerability management than just knowing a vulnerability exists. Using xTags, vRx creates contextual analysis that highlights the largest threats, so you can confidently prioritize risk remediation.

Efficiently close security gaps at a moment’s notice or schedule patch installations for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems so you can continuously reduce your organizational risk posture.

Save time and stress while responding to threats automatically. vRx’s Auto-Actions enable your team to respond to threats efficiently while minimizing the work force required to take action.

Patch Management

Auto Actions

Patchless Protection

vRx's Patchless Protection™ deploys a safety net around your most vulnerable assets using in-memory protection, ensuring you're always protected even when there's no patch or update available.

0-Day Detection

vRx tracks malware activity using predictive analysis, empowering you to act, instead of react, to novel vulnerabilities. With thousands of new vulnerabilities per month, it pays to be prepared.


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