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Architecting for FSLogix Containers High Availability

What is FsLogix Cloud Cache?

Cloud Cache is a technology that allows Profile & Office Container data to be stored in multiple locations at once including Local Device , traditional SMB shares on-premises and public cloud storage providers to enable storage continuity . Continuity to data has been the primary reason for developing cloud cache and with many organisations developing/planning a DaaS/Public Cloud deployment in their workplace environments it has never been more important that data access is consistent no matter where it has been provided (Public Cloud ,Private On-premises or Hybrid).

Multiple locations can be selected that will allow for an automated fail-over in the event of outage/disconnection(this config will be controlled via registry). Upon re-connection to the selected primary location will be re-sync’d with the local cache and other locations which have been selected.

What is required to get Cloud Cache up and running?

  • Windows 7 32/64bit and above Desktop OS running the FSLogix Agent.

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 and above Server OS running the FSLogix Agent.

  • Either Profile Containers or Office 365 Containers configured via the ADMX Group Policy provided with the installation media.

  • Configure the CCDLocations string with references to each of your SMB file shares that containers will be replicated to.

I want to mention that from my own testing of Cloud Cache, I see a tremendous amount of potential in this technology due to the way it will allow customers to deploy highly redundant and flexible profile solutions with ease.I covered in this article how Cloud Cache extends the functionality of FSLogix Profile and Office 365 Containers by seamlessly replicating containers to multiple storage locations for high availability, take a look at this video below :

All in all this is a really nice feature and will add a lot to the product. But you need to assess it before activating Cloud Cache to see if it’s suitable to you and your environment. In the right scenario this could really improve the experience of your users and your IT-department. If you are curious about the product please don’t hesitate leave a comment below!

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