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Load Balancer ADC

Secure Application Delivery & Load Balancing

The Barracuda Load Balancer ADC is ideal for organizations looking for a high-performance, yet cost-effective application delivery and security solution

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What Does Barracuda Load Balancer ADC Do?

The Barracuda Load Balancer ADC is an intelligent high-speed Application Delivery Controller that enables application delivery & availability while accelerating the performance of the applications. It enhances and optimizes application workloads across multiple vendors. The built in security features provide application security and access control to secure application deployments.

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Features of Barracuda Load Balancer ADC

SSL transactions are resource intensive and can slow down application performance. Offloading the SSL transactions to Barracuda Load Balancer ADCs frees up application server resources to focus on delivering rich applications to end users and ensure application scalability. Barracuda Load Balancer ADCs support offloading standard 1024-bit SSL keys, as well as the more secure and more process-intensive 2048-bit SSL keys.

The Load Balancer ADC can be deployed as a physical appliance or virtual appliance and can intelligently load balance hardware or virtual servers running any number of Layer 7 and Layer 4 protocols. These include HTTP/S, SMTP, IMAP, FTP/S, DNS, XML, TCP, and UDP, as well as a number of other common protocols. Additionally, it supports both IPv6 and IPv4 load balancing and can operate in full IPv6 or IPv4 networks, as well as mixed environments where an address translation is needed to bridge the IPv6 and IPv4 networks.

L4/L7 Load Balancing

SSL Offloading

Intelligent Application Monitors

Intelligent traffic monitoring capabilities enable the Barracuda Load Balancer ADC to distribute traffic efficiently while ensuring high application availability. It monitors server health to determine that application servers are not only reachable but alive. If the Barracuda Load Balancer ADC detects issues, it automatically removes downed servers from the server pool and rebalances traffic among the remaining servers.

For scalability and high availability across data centers, Barracuda Load Balancer ADCs can be deployed to balance traffic among different sites in different geographic regions. Organizations can route traffic using a variety of methods such as primary disaster recovery (DR) or closest geographical data center.

Global Server Load Balancing

The Barracuda Load Balancer ADC improves the user’s experience by improving server response time. Caching web content saves network bandwidth and reduces loads on backend web servers.

To maximize outbound bandwidth, the Barracuda Load Balancer ADC can automatically compress content to minimize network traffic between application servers and the end user. Best of all, this capability is compatible with most modern browsers, requiring no additional software.

HTTP Caching

Data Compression


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