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Use this guide to prepare for your CITRIX MAS service trial !!

NetScaler MAS (Management and Analytics System) is the successor of Citrix Command Center and NetScaler Insight Center. MAS provides automation, monitoring, reporting, and deep analytics of networking products such as NetScaler and SD-WAN.

NetScaler MAS brings the following abilities to the table:

  • Manage NetScaler ADC (VPX, MPX, SDX), NetScaler CPX, NetScaler Gateway and NetScaler SD-WAN (only WAN Optimization edition at present) appliances.

  • Certificate Management allowing you to install new certificates and receive alerts when certificates are near the expiry date.

  • Configure appliances remotely allowing you to perform actions such as upgrading the device firmware, running configuration command across single or multiple devices with the use of Configuration Jobs.

  • Web, HDX, Gateway and Security Insight which was a big part of NetScaler Insight Center. These features allow you to get an insight in to HDX and Web sessions, authentication failures and statistics, and reports on the security of your NetScaler appliances.

Refer to the video below for NMAS service activation on Citrix Cloud :

Troubleshooting Netscaler MAS

NetScaler MAS Troubleshooting Guide –

Also read the HDX Insight Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Guide –

Your NMAS version must be the same or higher than your NetScaler firmware version.

When you have enabled AppFlow against your NetScaler Gateway or Load Balanced vServer etc. and you can not see any Insight traffic, make sure firewall rules are in place to allow UDP 4739 from NetScaler NSIP to NMAS IP.

You can check if MAS is receiving any appflow traffic by performing the following steps:

  1. Launch PuTTY, and connect to your NetScaler Insight Center IP.

  2. Type shell.

  3. Press enter.

  4. Type command tcpdump -i 1 src NSIP and dst port 4739 where NSIP = your NetScaler IP.

If you still do not see NetScaler AppFlow data, connect to your NetScaler appliance with PuTTy.

Run command disable feature appflow followed by enable feature appflow.

Review the MAS putty screen to see if traffic is appearing. If not, review firewall configuration.

For more information Thank you for your interest in the MAS service. For more information, contact your Citrix salesperson directly or use this link to contact the Citrix Cloud team.

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