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Stay ahead of IT infrastructure Employee Monitoring &
Insider Threat Detection Software


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What Does Veriato Vision Do?

Veriato Vision employee monitoring software lets you record and track all of your employees' activity... so you’ll know if they are working hard or hardly working.

Vision gives you granular control over what activities and programs you monitor. Once the Vision software is deployed on the company's PCs and MACs,  you can remotely monitor by department, group or individual. Additionally, you can monitor employees that are off network or working remotely.


Features of Veriato

You'll have granular control over what activities and programs are monitored for each employee. Once the Veriato monitoring software is deployed on the company's PCs, Macs and Androids, you can remotely monitor by department, group or individual

Catch potential problems in realtime. Set up custom alerts to inform you when employees attempt to visit restricted sites, download non-productive programs or apps, or spend all afternoon on Facebook!

Real-Time Alerts

Complete Control

Insider Threat Security

Get alerted about suspicious and restricted activities in real-time, so that you can react quickly to protect your critical data (e.g., client lists, financials, customer data, etc.). Veriato continually analyzes all employees' behaviors to identify actions that are indicative of a security risk.

Cerebral will track how long a program is open and more importantly, how long an employee is actively using it. An accounts receivable rep. having an accounting program open all day, but only using it for 15 minutes is a sure sign of trouble!

Productivity Tracking

Imagine a surveillance camera pointed directly at each PC/MAC/Android, filming all on screen activity, and storing it securely for later review. Cerebral’s Time-Capsule DVR takes snapshots of everything on the computer screen – as often as once per second, creating a digital surveillance recording, that you can playback later to see everything that the employee did on their computer.

Simply input a keyword and Cerebral will quickly locate the specific video clips, screen-shots and logs that you're looking for. Skip ahead, rewind, jump to a specific date and time or even print individual screenshots for use as a management tool or for evidence

Screen Recordings and DVR Playback

Searchable Video Review


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