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Secure Envoy

Multi-factor Authentication

Verifiable trust in every activity you perform

Our SecureIdentity Platform is a suite of solutions that focuses on user experience and provides verifiable trust in every activity you perform. The suite of solutions together combine to offer an overall solution to protect the identity of the user, the data and the device.

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What Does SecurEnvoy Do?

SecurEnvoy MFA lets you choose and set up any personal device for authentication and seamlessly move between devices – without compromise.


It is easy to use. Approve authentication attempts via accepting a push notification on your smartphone, enhance security by adding biometric approval. Any SMS authorisation messages are automatically deleted, so you don’t have to.


Features of SecurEnvoy

Authentication Types

SecurEnvoy believe users should be able to choose any personal device to be their authentication token, whether it is their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or even their desk phone. Users should be able to seamlessly move their single identity between these devices without leaving their identity behind on obsolete technology.


A security that puts you in control. Cryptographic keys, called seed records are inherent in the communication of any MFA solution, commonly generated and distributed by a server in the enterprise or cloud when issuing one-time passwords (OTP’s) to clients. SecurEnvoy’s solution uniquely splits the keys as to only store one part on the user device. The second half is generated from a HW fingerprint when the SecurEnvoy application is run

Solution Deployment

SecurEnvoy MFA offers deployment options to suit any business, with an On-Premise, Private Cloud or fully managed CSP solution in either independent or industry recognised IaaS environments like Amazon AWS and Azure. The challenge of deploying any MFA solution to a user community is the method in which users are notified and enrolled.


The Migration feature allows users to be migrated to a SecurEnvoy solution from a password-only or an existing token solution. Once configured, users can be migrated in stages as required, allowing a smoother transition and onboarding process.

SecurEnvoy offers customisation support to any end-user portals and mobile interfaces. This allows corporations to create seamless, branded environments. Choose a custom colour and add your logo for a consistent customer experience.

SecurEnvoy’s Open APIs allow software developers direct access to information and configuration controls of the MFA environment. Built using the Representational State Transfer (REST) framework, SecurEnvoy’s Open APIs enables you to automate the creation and modification of users, including the authentication via a HTTP web call.




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